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1. My friends have devices from different manufacturers. Can we play together?

“Dice Duel” is available for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and 10.

You can play together no matter what device you or your friends are using.
You can even invite them to a match directly, using the Friends mode.

2. I’m experiencing connection problems. What can I do about it?

If you’re using a wireless network, please deactivate Wi-Fi on your device and try again. That’s the easiest way to check whether the problem is caused by the network that you’re using or our servers. If the Wi-Fi is the cause, please try reseting your router.

If the problem persist, we suggest configuring your router to the Google-DNS.

Here’s a short description:DNS Konfiguration.
P.S. Also, your internet will run faster after this configuration. If you weren’t able to solve the problem, please contact us via e-mail: support@binteraktive.com.

3. Help, I forgot my password!

In the Your Account section of the Main Menu you’ll find the Restore Account button. When you press it, you’ll see the Forgot your Password? link. Just enter your e-mail address there and we’ll send you a new password.




1. Why do I need a profile?

Securing your profile with a password and username will make your account much safer. You can personalize your profile and even add other players to your friendlist. Should you ever forget your password it’ll be easier for you to request a new one.

2. Why should I connect my Dice Duel account with Facebook or Google +?

When you connect with Facebook or Google +, your progress won’t be lost; it’s the same thing as securing your account with an username and password. If you log in with Facebook or Google + you also easily play with your friends.

3. What happens when I connect my Guest account with a social media account?

All the progress made on the Guest account will be lost – you’ll have to start again from scratch. It’s much better to do it immediately when you start playing Dice Duel! You can set up username, e-mail address and password in the menu.

4. Can I upload my own profile picture from the gallery?

Unfortunately not. It’s not possible because of the international rights. You can, however, use your social media Profile Picture as soon as you connect your account with Facebook or Google +. As soon as you connect your account, yor profile picture will be automatically changed.

5. How can I save and use created avatars?

In the Your Account section of the Main Menu you’ll find the Change Portrait button. There, you’ll be able to choose one of the pre-made pictures or create your own, personal avatar. Saving created avatars is a premium feature that can be unlocked for 1,99€ within the game.



6. I’ve changed my username but the old one is still visible!

You probably forgot to confirm the change by pressing the OK button next to the text field. Sometimes, however, the old username is still visible even though you’ve confirmed your new one. Restarting the application will fix this issue.



The Game

1. How can I get points for my second (or third) 5x?

Most importantly, you have to fill your 5X field with 50 points first (you have to score the first 5X before you can score second, third and subsequent ones).

If you scored the first 5X you have now two options:

5x for 50 additional points:
If you already have an entry on your scorecard, but the corresponding box (upper section) is still free, you receive 50 additional points. You then enter the corresponding points (e.g. for a 5x with fives: 25 points) in the (5) box in the upper section and 50 additional points are noted.

5x as a Joker:
If you already have an entry on your scorecard, as well as in the corresponding box (in the upper section), you are allowed to use this roll for any other roll of your choice in the bottom section. You can award yourself 40 points for a Large Straight, for example. However, if all boxes in the bottom section are taken, a subsequent 5x means that an upper section box must be sacrificed. A zero is entered.

2. What are the Upper and Lower Points?

The Upper Points is the sum of points that you’ve earned with fields 1,2,3,4,5,6.

The Lower Points is the sum of the values in the ‘figure’ fields like Full House, Streets and Three of a kind.



3. What’s the Bonus and how do I get it?

If you’re able to score 63 or more points in the Upper Part you will earn 35 extra points. Please note: If you’re able to collect 3 of each number (1-6) your score in the upper section is exactly 63.



4. How can I roll the dice?

There’s a few ways to roll the dice. You can shake your phone like a real dice cup.

Tapping the screen of your mobile device works just as well. Additionally, you can activate the Auto Roll feature in the Settings section of the Main Menu – the game will do the job for you.

On the desktop PC you just have to press the left mouse button on the cup and the dice will roll.



5. Is there a limit to the number of games I can have open at the same time?

Yes – the limit is 30. If you want to start some more you’ll have to finish some of the open games first.

6. Is it possible to close and remove a game before it ends?

Not really! Just like you, your opponent has 36 hours to make his or her move.
If he or she won’t make it in time – the game will end for them and you’ll win.

You can finish the game by yourself and try to beat your highscore.

Another option is to close the match by clicking on the small arrow int the bottom left corner.

Remember: always try to finish your games – you’ll get Diamonds at the end!

7. What’s the difference between Quick Game and Random Opponent modes?

In the Quick Game you’re playing a complete game with three other Players. You all have 1 minute to make your move and you’re all making them at the same time. Whoever won’t make it in time – will loose. It’s an exciting and unique real-time Dice Duel!

Random Opponent mode is the classic turn-based mode. You’re playing against one opponent and each of you have 36 hours to make the move.

8. I want to play a match with three friends. Is it possible?

Sure! Just invite them using the Friends mode on the menu screen. You can invite up to three friends to one game. Don’t forget to send the invitations by pressing the START button!



9. What exactly is the Nearby Opponents mode?

The Nearby Opponents mode allows you to find other people playing Dice Duel in the radius of up to 20 meters around you. Check it out in a bus or train!

10. Is this a reallistic dice mechanism?

Yes, totally, absolutely, 100% reallistic. The throw results are an effect of randomization and luck, just like in the real life.



1. How can I get Diamonds?

There are many different ways to get Diamonds.
First and foremost, every 11 hours we’re giving away some Diamonds for free. Don’t forget to open the game and collect them every day! The higher your Player Level is, the more Diamonds you’ll be able to collect for free.

If you don’t want to wait, you can always purchase one of the many packages of Diamonds in the shop.

Last but not least, you’ll be reward Diamonds for playing and winning games! Especially in the Dice Duel Pro mode. There you can win a lot of Diamonds in just one game!

2. How many Diamonds do I get for winning games?

It depends on the game mode that you’re playing.
In a Quick Game and a match with a Random Opponent you’ll be rewarded 2 Diamonds for winning.
Playing against your Friends will allow you to earn some more Diamonds – even up to 4 for winning a single match!
And finally, there’s the Dice Duel Pro mode. Here you’ll be able to earn high amounts of Diamonds (100 or even 2000 per match!) but only after you pay the Entry Fee.

3. What’s the Dice Duel Pro mode?

The Dice Duel Pro mode is the most exciting one in the game. It allows you to win much more Diamonds than any other game mode.
To play against random opponents from all over the world in the Dice Duel Pro mode, you have to first reach Player Level 5.
Then, all you have to do is select a ‘table’ that you want to play in and pay the Entry Fee.
Keep in mind that with the high reward comes also risk – the winner takes it all! Additionally, winning games in the Dice Duel Pro mode is rewarded with Medals. Show them off!

4. While playing in the Dice Duel Pro mode, my opponent stopped responding. Can I still win the game?

Of course! You and your opponent have 36 hours to make a move. If your opponent misses her or his turn you’ll be able to finish the game by yourself and get your reward!

Coins and Missions

1. What are those Coins and how can I get them?

You can earn Coins by completing Missions.
They can also be won on the high stakes tables in the Dice Duel Pro mode (Fee 275 and 1100 Diamonds)

Coins can be exchanged for special, animated cups and die.

2. What are Missions?

There are two types of Missions: Daily and Weekly.
There are various objectives to fulfill and doing so, will reward you with Diamonds and sometimes even Coins.

3. How do I start a Mission?

Missions start automatically – just play any game mode (keeping the Mission objective in mind!) to complete them.
To read more about the current Mission objectives, just press the Mission bar in the main menu!

For example:
‘Win a specific number of matches’

Just start 5 games in any game mode (Dice Duel Pro, Quick Game or Random Opponent) and win them to complete the Mission

Experience and Medals

1. How do I level up?

You’re gaining Experience Points when you win games. If you get enough Experience Points, your Player Level will go up. Remember that you’ll gain much more Experience Points for winning a game than finishing it on the 4th place. The higher your Player Level is, the more Experience Points it requires to level up.

2.How can I get Medals?

Medals are rewards for winning games in the Dice Duel Pro mode. Each new medal requires a particular number of wins.
For example, you need 10 wins for the first medals, 20 for the second, 30 for the third.
Each Dice Duel Pro mode category has its own set of medals.



1. Where can I activate/deactivate the sound effects?

Check out the ‘Settings’ section of the Main Menu. You can access the Main Menu by pressing Menu button on the left side of the game list screen. There you can activate or deactivate the sounds.



2. Can I disable the cup animation?

Sure. Just open the ‘Settings’ and activate the ‘Auto Roll’.



3. I’m a left hander, is there an option to switch the cups to the other side?

There is!

You can switch the orientation of the Cups in the ‘Settings’ section of the Main Menu.

left hander


4. Is there an option to deactivate the ads other than paying for it?

There are two options of disabling the ads for free:
1. 100% FREE & AD-FREE
If you’re using an Android device you can download the Amazon Underground Version of Dice Duel. This version is 100% free. It doesn’t and will never include any kind of advertisment and in-app purchases.
Get it here!

2. Facebook or Google +
Just connect your account with Facebook or Google + and invite a new friend who never played Dice Duel before. Start a match with him or her and finish it.

Per each friend that you invite and play a game with you’ll disable the ads for 7 days.


Other Players

1. I’ve met a really mean player… what can I do?

First and foremost: don’t react to the insults – ignore the chat. Dice Duel is about having fun and mean behavior is neither welcome nor appreciated. Additionally, you can block a certain player permanently; he or she won’t be able to play and chat with you ever again!
1. Open the player’s Profile by tapping on his or her portrait or avatar.
2. Press the ‘More’ button in the lower right corner of the screen.
3. Press the ‘Block’ button.
Of course, you can also contact us. Please send us an e-mail at support@binteraktive.com. Screenshots of the chat and username of the player will be very helpful! We’ll take care of the rest.



2. I’m getting many invitations from people I don’t know. Can I disable it somehow?

You can activate and disable invitations from strangers in the ‘Settings’ section of the Main Menu.


When can I chat with other people?

First, you have to reach level 5. From then on you’ll be able to chat with other players by pressing the chat button (it’s in the lower left corner) during a match.



Dice Duel iMessage App

1.Dice Duel iMessage App. What’s that?

The iMessage App version of Dice Duel uses the technology supported by iOS 10 devices.
You can invite a friend (picture below) to play a full game of Dice Duel using the chat window of the Messages on your device.
You can play an entire game from start to finish without ever needing to actually launch the Dice Duel application.
Remember that the iMessage App version of Dice Duel is all about having fun and conversing with your friends!
You won’t be able to earn Diamonds or Experience points there.


2. I’ve made a move but my friend didn’t get it. What’s wrong?

You’ve probably forgot to actually send your move.
iMessage version of Dice Duel works just like sending a message –
after making a move you have to press the iMessage ‘Send’ button.

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