1. My friends have devices from different manufacturers. Can we play together?

Blackjack Duels is available for iOS and Android.

You can play together no matter what device you or your friends are using.

You can even invite them to a match directly, using the Friends mode.

2. I’m experiencing connection problems. What can I do about it?

If you’re using a wireless network, please deactivate Wi-Fi on your device and try again. That’s the easiest way to check whether the problem is caused by the network that you’re using or our servers. If the Wi-Fi is the cause, please try reseting your router.

If the problem persist, we suggest configuring your router to the Google-DNS.

Here’s a short description: DNS configuration.
P.S. Also, your internet will run faster after this configuration. If you weren’t able to solve the problem, please contact us via e-mail: support@binteraktive.com.

3. Help, I forgot my password!

In the ‘Log in’ section of the Player’s settings you’ll find the ‘I don’t remember my password’ button. Just enter your e-mail address there and we’ll send you a new password. You can also select the ‘Customer Support’ field and contact us directly.

4. Restore Account!

Did you have a password or an email address connected with your account?
– If yes, enter the player’s settings by pressing your avatar in the main menu and then selecting the player’s settings button on the left side of the pop-up window.
– There, you will find the ‘Log in’ button.
– There, you can enter your nickname and password. That’s it.

If you need help with the password, please contact us via Mail. We’ll need two informations from you:
– Your nickname.
– We also need the exact number of Chips that you have.

1. Why do I need a profile?

Securing your profile with a password and nickname will make your account much safer. You can personalize your profile and should you ever forget your password it’ll be easier for you to request a new one.

2. Can I upload my own profile picture from the gallery?

Yes, you can select one of your own pictures from your device’s gallery and use it in Blackjack Duels. You can do it for free once every three months or anytime you want for 500 chips. Just keep in mind that all pictures violating Terms and Conditions will be removed. Here you can easily check what kind of content is not allowed: Uploading Pictures

1. How can I get Chips?

By winning in the Casino, of course! Each player will also be given an amount of chips as a welcome gift. Winning hands on the table will reward the players with cases that contain chips. In the ‘Shop’ section of the game, the players can get free chips every few hours by just pressing a button or watching a short video ad. If they wish so, they can also purchase them with real money. Additionally, when players run out of chips, we’re always re-filling their wallet to make the lowest best in the Vegas casino possible. You can always play Blackjack Duels!

2. How many Chips do I get for winning games?

Usually, when you win you’re doubling your bet. However, in case of a blackjack you will be paid out 3 to 2 of your bet. You can even triple or quadruple your original bet by choosing to split and double down!

3. 3. What happens when I´m out of chips?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Once you’re out of chips you will be given 20 Chips enabling you to constantly play in the Vegas casino. This ensures that you will always be able to play, no matter your luck.

1. Where can I activate/deactivate the sound effects?

Check out the ‘Settings’ section of the Main Menu. You can access it by pressing your avatar and then pressing the ‘Settings’ button on the right side of the pop-up window. There you can activate or deactivate the sounds.


1. How do I get a case?

You just have to win 10 hands in a single casino session (without leaving the table). The bigger the casino, the better the contents of the case. Make sure to have an open space for the case before entering the casino!

2. How do I open a case?

After being rewarded a case, you can start opening it in the main menu. You’ll have to wait a few minutes but once the timer reaches 0, you can press on the case and get your sweet reward!

3. What’s the difference between the cases?

The color of the case is linked to the casino from which it was obtained. Different cases contain different rewards.

1. What is Auto-Stand ?

Auto-Stand is displayed when you hit 21 in order to prevent accidental busts.

2. How do I pre-select my next move?

When one of the players before you make their moves, you’re able to pre-select your own moves by pressing on the glass buttons. The selection can be changed but once your turn starts it becomes final and the selected move is performed automatically.

3. What’s the difference between the casinos?

First and foremost, casinos have diffrent min and max bets. Additionally, the tables have different colors and dealers are using decks with original cardbacks. Last but not least, the rewards in the cases are also different, depending on the casino.


You didn’t find what you are looking for?

Contact us at blackjack@binteraktive.com or join our Facebook Community and ask other players for help.

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