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2 successful titles, 3 new platforms and more than a few exciting challenges – 2015 was a very intense year for the b-interaktive team. And we’re not even thinking of slowing down: 2016 will be even better!

Almost 5 years ago b-interaktive started bringing people together by developing and producing games for the entire families. Since then we’ve released over 30 different titles on all major platforms across the world.

b-interaktive in 2015

2015 was one of the best years in the history of our studio. Dice Duel (ger. Kniffel LIVE), b-interaktive’s multiplayer version of a well-known dice game, has become one of the most popular strategic board titles in German-speaking countries. There’s also a constantly growing fanbase in USA, Poland, Netherlands, France and UK.

Since January 2015 we’ve implemented over a thousand different fixes into Dice Duel: from simple tweaks to new functionalities and features. Our fans loved it: now, with almost 100.000 monthly players, Dice Duel has become b-interaktive’s main title, which will be improved even further in the following months.

Our second 2015 game, Alpacalypse, started as an in-house case study. Few months later it was already a global phenomenon – everybody wanted to invade the world together with Al Pacone, the angry alpaca. Alpacalypse will come back with a new play style and cool features, wait for a big update soon!

We’ve also explored new platforms: Amazon Underground (where you can play our games without spending any money, in an ad-free environment), Apple TV and Apple Watch.

b-interaktive in 2016

Something new, something old, but always fun – this is our motto for 2016. We’re now developing quite innovative titles. Two of them have a chance to be announced later this year. There’s also one big, Hero Title on the horizon – watch for announcements somewhere around Q4 2016.

Our oldie, but goldie Dice Duel will also change a lot in the upcoming months. But shhhh, let’s try to keep it a secret for now. Rest assured, it’ll be well worth waiting!

Lastly, we’ll continue to research new devices. In a few months we’ll launch some of our games on Amazon TV, and continue to work with Apple TV and Apple Watch as well.

As always, if you want to stay tuned with what’s going on at b-interaktive follow our social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) or subscribe to the newsletter.

We’re looking forward to the upcoming year. And you? 🙂

b-interaktive in numbers – INFOGRAPHIC



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