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alpacalypse_is_coming_soonLong, long time ago games were just games. No silly in-game currencies. No irritating time limits. Just simple rules, intuitive controls and hard reality.

And alpacas.

We’ve combined it all into Alpacalypse – new mobile title we’re working on right now. Yes, there are alpacas in this game. It’s a game about an alpaca really. And not just ANY alpaca but Al. Al Pacone, the alpaca.

And boy, he’s pissed right now.

Alpacalypse is a modern game from the 8 bit era. The times when games were arcade oriented, easy to play but hard to master; when what mattered was your skill not willingness to purchase one of the power-ups.

We called it an APS – Alpaca Perspective Shooter – featuring addictive and dynamic gameplay, beautiful graphics and cool music.

Most importantly though it’s a game that’s fair – you won’t find any in-app purchases that’d favor paying customers here. You’ll find alpacas though.

And yes, it will be free.

The Alpacalypse is coming really soon. If you don’t want to miss it leave us your e-mail at https://startalpacalypse.com. Alpacas will be pleased.

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