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Emoji_Stars_Banner_new_one.6Schwerte, Germany; February 19th, 2015 Enthralling music quiz ’Emoji Stars’ by German publisher b-interaktive is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The free-to-play game is an incredibly fun and creative quiz in which players have to guess and describe song titles using only emoticons – a musical stroke of genius that will dazzle not only music lovers!

Using a selection of over 750 original emoticons or so-called emojis, players will have to either describe or identify song titles designed by their teammates. A correct guess lets you listen to the highlight sample of the tune in question and will earn both the guesser and the emoji designer stars. Stars can later be used to gain helpful hints to identify more songs, giving players a chance to become the ultimate Emoji Stars champion!

The gameplay trailer, gives a great first impression of this wholly new approach to experience music with Emoji Stars. Using the example of ’Ice Ice Baby’ by Vanilla Ice, the trailer demonstrates the gameplay step-by-step, alternating between the point of view of either players.

Finding teammates for this musical challenge is easy, as you can either play with a random player or a friend, which can be invited via Facebook, their username, their e-mail address, or by using your own contacts. Thousands of songs in all music genres are available right at the release date of Emoji Stars. A weekly song-update of the database guarantees never-ending fun. Anyone playing with their Facebook friends can also put up songs using their private music library on their device or choosing from millions of songs from the iTunes Database.


  • Fun emoji music quiz with 750 original emojis you know and love!
  • Unique coop multiplayer mode
  • Identify and describe songs ranging from 70s hits to current chart bangers
  • Access to millions of songs from the official iTunes database, new songs available every week!
  • Songs from your private music library can be accessed when playing with Facebook friends
  • Great sound effects with highlight samples of songs in play
  • Play with randomly chosen opponents from all over the world
  • Invite Facebook friends or search for players by e-mail, username or contact list
  • Earn Stars and use it for hints and bombs
  • Learn more about Songs, bands and music with just one click on the ’Song Info’ button
  • Browse through played songs with the ’Previous Songs’ menu

Real music lovers and everyone who wants to be one should be quick to access the Apple Store to prove their musical chops.

The official teaser trailer is available:

For more information and details on Emoji Stars please go to www.emoji-stars.com or https://facebook.com/EmojiStars.

Face the music to see the stars!

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