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More and more women are interested in games: social games for mobile devices are highly desired.

Women over 18 are the biggest group (around 36 percent) among all players.‘ – said Eugen Barteska, game developer from Schwerte.

We are witnessing a gaming boom among women between 18 and 50. At the same time, the stereotypical teenage hardcore gamer slowly disappears from the scene – at this moment amounting to 17% of all gamers.

The finger on the pulse

Eugen Barteska noticed one more interesting trend in Germany: ‘The social factor is something that women especially love’.

This phenomenon has just been confirmed in his latest game – Emoji Stars. Apparently, developer kept the finger on the pulse all along.

Shortly after the release, Emoji Stars started climbing the charts. ‘All thanks to the enthusiasm of female players’, says Barteska.

‘But don’t worry’, he continues with a twinkle in his eye; ‘Men can also guess that the solution to a riddle with a dancer and a crown is Dancing Queen by ABBA’.

In this social music quiz, the player has to guess and create riddles out of songs using 750+ original emoticons. He or she can look for real teammates either among their Facebook friends or all around the world thanks to the Random mode. Then, they’ll be able to exchange emoji riddles taking turns guessing and creating them. For correct guesses they’re rewarded with Stars which can later be exchanged for Hints. Stars also allow players to increase their Experience Levels and become the Ultimate Emoji Stars Champions.

Emoji Stars is available now on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Download Emoji Stars now:

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